Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Employer/Employee Unique IDs, Company/Person Codes

Some of you have been having some trouble getting a hold of your Employer Unique IDs (Company Codes) and Employee Unique IDs (Employee Codes).

The surest way to get this information is to get it straight off the MOL Website.

  • Once you get on the MOL Website, click on the icon for eNETWASEL SERVICES.

  • You will need to login to the eNETWASEL service using your company Login ID and Password. (Your Public Relations Officer know all about this and should have the Login credentials)

  • Once you login, you will able to get your Company Code (Employer Unique ID)

  • And now for the employee list, click on one of the Company Codes and click on the Employee List button. 

  •  The next page will give you all your Employee details along with their Person Codes (Employee Unique IDs)

There you go !!

Monday, November 23, 2009

WPS Bootcamp

Now that you've realized that you need to be participating in WPS, as an employer, your first port of call would be your Corporate Banker.

What WPS means to you is that instead of submitting your payroll in a hard copy or excel format, the payroll file will need to be formatted as per the guidelines provided by the Central Bank/Ministry of Labour. (Your payroll file shall henceforth be known as the Salary Inforamtion File - SIF)

In order to create this file, there are some pieces of information that you already have and some you will need to obtain.

Have a look at the presentations that I have attached on the top right had corner of this blog.

The presentation entitled "Step I" tells you how you can get a hold of your Company Code (or the Employer Unique ID) and Person Codes for your employees (or Employee Unique ID).

When you actually get around to creating your payroll file or the SIF, that's when you need to have a look at the presentation entitled "Step II".


UAE Government launches wage protection system for workers

Here's a reasonably good starting point to WPS, just in case you missed the original press release:
UAE Government launches wage protection system for workers